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We Are: Philanthropic Progenitors, Connectors, Leaders, Do-Gooders


NEW ON THE BLOG: When Your Dream Job Seems A Million Miles Away...It's Not

 Alexandra Bono, Special Events Manager at The Whitney Museum of American Art, shares her path to finding success in the art world (Photo Credit: Billy Farrell Agency)










The Gist: We are a group of philanthropic connectors on the pulse of young socials and entrepreneurial business leaders. Our mission is to empower our generation to make giving back a top priority by promoting, stimulating, and creating positive change in unique ways. Our website and social media outlets serve to blog about what we are up to around D.C. and NYC, and to showcase philanthropic events and inspiring leaders.

Substance: There are many philanthropic organizations, and it can be overwhelming and time consuming for young professionals to connect to an organization that will fully utilize their strengths. We focus our support on organizations and individuals who engage their community in ways that appeal to our target group of social, philanthropic, entrepreneurial, and young business leaders.

Our Network: We deliver and capture value through cultivating personal relationships with CEO’s & Founders of local and national charities in order to connect young future leaders with the organization that is the most engaging and valuable to them.

Our country runs on volunteerism, and it is vital to inspire our generation to create a better life for others, whether through our time, our funds, or both!  















































































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